Located in San Javier (Murcia), along the unique natural place of Mar Menor, ISB Airbroker started its activities programming charter flights for football teams. Today, years later, ISB Airbroker is capable to provide many different services.

With over 35 years experience as a broker, ISB Airbroker is available to customers at any time of day to schedule charter and executive trips, or transport of cargo flights from airport to airport, in Europe and other countries according to their needs. ISB Airbroker also programs “on demand” events that will provide customers new dimensions within the domestic and international markets.

Pioneering the transportation of the "Mediterranean blue fin tuna" from Murcia-San Javier to Japan, and the introduction of the Italian market in our area to promote La Manga Club, with 30 flights from Milan to Murcia-San Javier, ISB Airbroker performed transport of the biggest motor coil for General Electric factory, 36 tons of cargo from Brussels to Murcia-San Javier.

We are a trusted broker with an experience of many years.

Welcome to ISB Airbroker.

Ignacio Segura
ISB Airbroker Manager

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